Friday, June 17, 2016

Portfolio Website

The portfolio case study describes the process of building including a comprehensive portrayal of the design process I follow when building new sites.

Building the Perfect Portfolio


I based my first wireframes and lists of goals on what I assumed should be in a great resume and how I would want to portray design to someone who is unfamiliar with user interface processes (without talking down to those who do).

Requirements Gathering

This site was built for the purpose of submitting samples to prospective employers. The portfolio site itself has been built and documented with similar processes that would go into building a client project. In the initial stages, I documented employer expectations, asked friends for input, and researched online documentation (like a competitor analysis).

Features and Wireframes

After I had a general list of features and content I wanted to include, I sketched a few low-fidelity wireframes on 4 pieces of paper. These had the basic idea of where I wanted everything positioned on the website. Next, I took a few more pieces of paper and quickly made a list of criteria. I used the criteria list to create multiple prototypes, employer personas, and expectations on the user's behavioral flow.

UPDATE: I'm currently testing some cool new enhancements at


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