Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Large Abstract Painting with Hidden Text

The purpose of this page is to show a sample of fine art and abstract painting.

Painting is approximately 7' X 4'

I first started this painting in 2008. It took over 6 months to complete the initial design. The art was intended to fill a space in my extremely tall stairway (my home at the time). When it was first painted, the hidden text also glowed in the dark (using a glow in the dark acrylic). I thought it was a cool addition to the piece, but my roommate at the time did not. So I painted over that portion of the artwork.

The colors perfectly match the design pallet I use in my current living room. I love blue and the yellow tones are very complimentary. Red and brown was added to ground the art work and give it a fiery/earthy feeling, much like the hidden word.

My favorite things about this painting are how the colors blend into one another. I also put a lot of additional effort to use varying methods to raise up the texture. The texture is hard to see second hand in photographs, but it adds depth and I think that quality makes the painting even more interesting in-person.

Abstract painting hung in my living room

The Future

I've been meaning to fully paint the top and bottom sides of the canvas. The sides are thick and it is noticeable when hung sideways or in a tall space. I initially intentionally left them unpainted to force people (my roomate) to hang the painting vertically. The painting has the world love hidden in the shapes and it is sideways if the artwork is hung horizontally.

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